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Terminus Podcast -- Episode 4: In Defense Of + Greetings to Our New Scottish Overlord!

On this super-duper-late fourth episode of the Terminus podcast, join me as I chat about the recent reveal of who will be the next Doctor (on which there's lots of geeking and cheering from me, of course!) and how one of my favorite classic Doctors is coming to a convention near me next year (and I'll hopefully get to meet him for the first time!). Of course, as promised, there's also the main 'In Defense Of' segments, where I come to the defense of several characters and other bits of fandom I think are often ridiculed unfairly. Admittedly, I sadly didn't have the nicest things to say about Rose Tyler a few times in the episode and while I know she's a bit of a sacred cow in fandom, I feel that many of the characters I talked about were often sacrificed at her altar and put up against her in comparison by the show. So, I argue how those comparisons failed for me. I'm honestly hoping I don't lose any listeners over that, because I know YMMV and everyone gets something different out of different characters, but at the same time, I had to be honest with my opinions. Anyway, this is the longest episode I've done so far, which probably made the timing of it even worse as its running so late due to Life Stuff (I sincerely hope to be back on schedule going forward though). So, anyway, enjoy the ride -- its a bumpy one this month!

Episode 4 – In Defense Of + Greetings to Our New Scottish Overlord:


Table of Contents:

0:00:00 - Opening and Welcome

0:04:38 - Happy Fandom Time!

0:17:34 - In Defense Of: Intro

0:18:30 - In Defense Of: Mickey Smith

0:23:52 - In Defense Of: Jackie Tyler

0:28:57 - In Defense Of: Adam Mitchell (from 'Dalek' & 'The Long Game')

0:36:00 - In Defense Of: Martha Jones

0:45.37 - In Defense Of: Amy Pond

0:52:02 - Words Against Slut-Shaming and Size-Shaming in Fandom

0:54:25 - In Defense Of: Fan Fiction (writing and reading)

0:57:49 - In Defense Of: Outro

0:59:02 - Coming soon on the next episode!

1:00:06 - Goodbye, Thanks, and Outro



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Other Fun Links Related to the Show:

+ Fanvid: 'What We Had' by cherryice: http://cherryice.livejournal.com/213248.html [use Blip link to stream]

+ Gary Russell's 'Doctor Who: The Inside Story': http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/The_Inside_Story

+ 'Closer to Fine' by etherati: http://www.whofic.com/viewstory.php?sid=12590 [the '42' fanfic referenced in my podcast]

+ My Doctor Who fanfic (penname: radiantbaby): http://www.whofic.com/viewuser.php?uid=6497

+ 'The Forgotten Doctor' web series: http://www.youtube.com/user/dwtheforgottendoctor



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  • I thought of Mickey as kind hapless and uninteresting when I first saw him, but I quickly became more interested in the character, whom I will always think of as Mickeyricky than I was in Rose. One of the high points in the recent Star Trek movie was seeing Noel Clarke in it. When there was talk a black Twelfth Doctor, he was the candidate I thought of first. When the Doctor talked down to him and mistreated him, I somehow thought that the show creators knew exactly what they were doing. The Doctor, at least in the new show, has had an occasional problem of coming across as too messianic. Having him be a boor or a jerk from time to time tarnishes his halo.

    posted by: MayorOfUlthar on 2013-08-21 22:33:25

  • Hello Scott! Thanks for the comment! I'm so glad to hear that you've been enjoying the show and thanks so much for your feedback and opinions on what I chatted about with the show. As I said, its always interesting to me to read what other people have to say on such subjects. :) I do actually like Tegan a lot. I tend to favor Nyssa over her a bit, but I do like her a lot and especially love her as a team alongside Nyssa and the Fifth Doctor. :) As for being queer, bisexual, and married to a man -- I'm using queer in the non-normative-sexuality aspect of the word. For example, I'm pansexual (I use bisexual as shorthand, since many people aren't as familiar with pansexual, which for me means that I'm open to being romantic/sexual/etc with anyone on the gender spectrum: cisgendered, transgendered, genderqueer, etc). I'm also genderqueer/genderfluid (though recently I've been identifying as female more often, but I still don't feel as if I'm cisgendered) and polyamorous/non-monogamous. For me, all of these things fall under the umbrella of queer, as I personally use it (the definition can obviously vary from person to person). I guess it can all be a bit confusing, but as I say on my Tumblr, 'I live my life in the grey areas'. I'm not straight, I'm not monogamous, and I'm not cisgendered. Hope that helps! :) Thanks again for commenting! :) Nicole

    posted by: Nicole from Terminus on 2013-08-19 07:12:13

  • p.p.s. Is the comment supposed to disappear once you post?

    posted by: Scott from Philadelphia on 2013-08-16 00:49:56

  • Hi!! So much to say! I found your podcast on itunes, and love that it's been added to the DWPA! As for all your defense subjects, I agree with you completely on 95% of what you said!! I'm not a Rose fan either, but can blame her selfishness on being just a not yet mature teenager; that said, my biggest problem with her and the Doctor's 'romance' is she's too oung for him emotionally! If they want to avoid the sexual, what can he really be in love with? On the other hand, River is a mature Woman, and that makes sense! While I will always think of her with Matt Smith, I can see and wouldn't be against River romancing Doctor 12. I am a straight 47 y.o. black man, and while I never thought it was outright racist, I was troubled by how interracial couples never seemed to work or were supported during Russell's run. Mickey and Rose, martha and the Doctor, even Donna and her 1st fiance never worked out. Even when Donna did get married at the End of Time, the Doctor and Wilf made comments about how it was a shame, and how Donna was better off exploring with the Doctor. Where was the joy for her marriage?!? The happiness that she was happy?? I don't think none of this was intended, but if you're sensitive to that, you see it. Amy is 1 of my favorites, and people who don't like her because of her stripper job or sexuality never consider she was a teenager during that time like Rose. How can they get upset with Amy and Karen Gillian and not Billie Piper, who went on to play a paid escort for a few years in her next show?! I don't think they should, but it feels like a double standard! I was wondering how you feel about Tegan. I love her! People complain abut her wanting to leave the TARDIS, but it was just in that 1st season. She had a job she liked, her Aunt Vanessa gets killed by the Master, she's possessed by the Kinda, and Adric dies; of course she wants off! Couldn't she have liked her life before meeting the Doctor? But she does leave, gets to process everything, move on emotionally, and when they meet again she's perfectly happy to be back! She never stops standing up for herself, and that's good; when she leaves, it's NOT to get married, but on her own terms too!! Thanks for letting me vent! Love your show, and best of luck to the future! p.s. I didn't know you could be queer and bisexual, let alone married to a man. Thanks for teaching me something!

    posted by: Scott from Philadelphia on 2013-08-16 00:47:49

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