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A queer woman's perspective on Doctor Who, both the classic and new series, as well as its various spin-offs and ephemera.

Oct 31, 2017


Just a fun little diversion that's full of All Kinds of Happy to do a little work toward combating some of life's Really Hard Stuff these days. Think of it as a Happy Fandom Time...Dilation! #happinesswillprevail

Oh, and there's some bonus Halloween-related Doctor Who recommendations as well!

Enjoy the ride!



Aug 16, 2017


And here's a bonus episode for all of you -- all just a wee little diversion from my previously scheduled review episode (which I'm getting back to very soon!), full of my belated thoughts on Jodie Whittaker and her recent casting as the Thirteenth Doctor.

So, please join me as I discuss Jodie herself, as well...

Jun 17, 2017

Hello everyone! And welcome any new listeners!

So, my episode reviewing 'Knock Knock' is finally here! And this time around I talk lots about everything from my experiences at the recent local Doctor Who convention 'Wholanta', to laying down a few delightful podcast recommendations, to some musing on the whole...

May 22, 2017

Greetings Earthlings!

This is Narco, from the planet Vicodin. The human in charge of this podcast has just been released from false imprisonment, as we had originally believed it was impersonating our Grand Senator Krog Krog, but was in fact just incapacitated from a recent primitive human surgery.

This recording was...

Apr 30, 2017

So, my episode reviewing 'The Pilot' is finally here! Yes, there were some technical errors and issues (quite a few), as well as Life Stuff that got in the way, but I bested them and finally was able to pull it all together for you here today (albeit with a bit of a sore throat that makes my voice crack much like...