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Terminus Podcast -- Episode 8: The Episode of Rassilon: The Five Doctors

So, after a month of waiting, the eighth episode of 'Terminus' is now finally finished and available for you! Many, many apologies, of course, but now that I'm finally past all the travel and the consequent illness (the derby tournament equivalent of con crud, methinks), I'm hoping I can start to get things back on track (I've had to juggle my schedule a bit though, so I'll be doing more anniversary episodes after the 50th!). Anyway, I'm hoping just after I post this to record the next episode about 'The Silver Nemesis', though it might be out after the 50th special at this rate (which I will also be doing an episode on, of course -- don't worry!). Oh, and being as I recorded this a month ago, some of the news-y, 'Happy Fandom Time' stuff is a bit dated, so sorry about that! *embarrassed*

Anyway, join me on this episode as I chat about 'The Five Doctors'. Also I chat about the new Second Doctor episodes found (yes, this episode was recorded that long ago!), the 'Day of the Doctor' teaser trailer, some local 'Day of the Doctor' celebratory stuff, and other things making me happy in fandom right now. Oh, and apparently every time I refer to the Big Finish audio 'An Earthly Child' in this episode, I sound like I'm saying 'Unearthly Child', which is a bit funny. Oops! Sorry about that! I hope I don't confuse you too-too much!

So, anyway, as always, glad to have you aboard and enjoy the ride!

Episode 8 – The Episode of Rassilon: The Five Doctors


Table of Contents

0:00:00 - Opening and Welcome

0:04:17 - Happy Fandom Time!

0:15:14 - Geeking about 'The Five Doctors'. LIKE A BOSS.

1:12:16 - Coming soon on the next episode!

1:13:15 - Goodbye, Thanks, and Outro



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Happy Fandom Time Links:

+ My podcast debut on the Earth Station Who podcast (talking about 'The Cold War', back when it aired)

+ New Second Doctors stories found!

+ 50th Anniversary Teaser trailer on Youtube  & two of the trailer breakdowns, here via Blogtor Who  and here on Youtube by user votesaxon07!

+ The theatrical viewing of 'Day of the Doctor' that I'm attending on Monday Nov 25th at the Regal Hollywood 24 in Chamblee, GA!  (Not sure if its sold out!)

+ TimeGate 50th anniversary party in Atlanta!  (Since recording they've announced that the cost for it is $10)

+ UNIT 50th anniversary party in Atlanta!

+ Atlanta Gallifreyans 50th anniversary party and meet-up!  

+ The Big Finish celebratory story 'Light at the End'!

+ Regarding the latest eBook from Puffin’s 50th Anniversary collaboration with the BBC, 'The Mystery Of The Haunted Cottage' by Derek Landy:

  • In the UK, buy it here from Amazon
  • In the US, buy it here from Amazon
  • Derek Landy talking about writing his book here!

+ Lovarzi's New Official Replica Fourth Doctor Scarf from Season 18! Buy it here!

Other Fun Links Related to the Show:

+ Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (25th Anniversary Edition): US | UK (on Amazon)

+ 'Five Doctors' fan trailer, made by Youtube user VERITASERUMUK.

+ The 'Terrible Zodin' Fanzine!

+ The Big Finish release 'An Earthly Child' (referred to a few times in this episode and definitely recommended!)



Opening audio clips from the Fifth Doctor serial 'Terminus' and the Tenth Doctor serial 'The Shakespeare Code', copyright BBC. The female robot voice was from '2nd Speech Center' text-to-voice software (http://www.zero2000.com/2nd-speech-center/). 'Doctor Who' theme was by ViolinistBAKA, link provided above.

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